Month: January 2002

StratVantage – The News – 01/30/02

Just Some Short Ones This time, we’ve got several shorter articles on topics of interest. Memory Goes 3D: Thomson Multimedia announced it will use three dimensional write-once memory from Matrix Memory in memory cards that can be used to store

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StratVantage – The News – 01/23/02

 Choosing a Cell Phone Alert SNS Reader Roger Hamm wants to know what to do about PDA/cell phone convergence. Is it time to make the jump, or does it make sense to wait until new services such as GPRS (General

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StratVantage – The News – 01/10/02

 You’re Hit. What Next? The hackers have hit; your systems are down; now what? Many firms these days face this scenario. There are lots of issues here, but one of the biggest involves what to do immediately after the attack.

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StratVantage – The News – 01/08/02

 Software Quality and Cyberterror Threats, Part 4 In the last three SNS issues, I discussed the huge task confronting Richard Clarke, the counter-terrorism expert in charge of the president’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Board, made the assertion that security problems are

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