Month: February 2002

StratVantage – 02/28/02

A Bad Year for Security Incidents  As I gear up to co-produce CyberCrime Fighter Forum 2002 on March 12th, I return my attention to the subject of security, or the lack thereof. I was recently asked by an executive if

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StratVantage – The News 02/20/02

Handhelds in Health Care  Wireless is one of those technology areas that always seems to be impending. Each of the last two years has been the year of wireless according to industry boosters. Pundits and prophets breathlessly report each twist

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StratVantage – The News – 02/04/02

The Next Internet? The Internet started out life as a way for major universities and government research centers to communicate and collaborate. Imagine the mixed feelings with which researchers viewed the tremendous explosion of the Internet since it was commercialized,

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