Month: September 2012

Enterprise Gamification

See on – Enterprise Social Media Enterprise Gamification from Scott Sinclair, Capgemini   This is a good SlideShare presentation about the elements and uses of gamification in the enterprise. See on

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Looking for Content Curation Tools? Here’s Where To Start: The Official Content Curation Tools Universe Map

See on – Enterprise Social Media From Robin Good: Everytime I see a new post or article claiming to list the best content curation tools I know I am in for some disappointment.   Most of these lists just

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4 Tips to Evangelize Your Brand on Facebook

See on – Enterprise Social Media “Facebook Strategy Case Study: Learn how Crestview Doors capitalized on an opportunity and increased their Facebook reach more than four fold.”   Tip #1: Get Personal Tip #2: Get Visual Tip #3: Value Your Fans’

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How to Use Facebook Targeted Posts to Improve Your Facebook Engagement

See on – Enterprise Social Media “Facebook targeted post: Learn how to get more engagement on Facebook with this recent feature.”   Improved targeting will improve engagement, but only if you’ve got a cool ad. See on

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Social Media’s Biggest Screw-Ups [INFOGRAPHIC]

See on – Enterprise Social Media “Social media has backfired on many a brand and celeb. This infographic runs down some of the biggest blunders — and smoothest recoveries.”   Some of these blunders are already in our Social

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