Month: July 2013

Oracle’s Social Selling Expert Reveals B2B Secrets

See on – Social Selling for B2B Today’s B2B buyers find the information they need via online search and social media. Use social selling to make sure they choose your solution. Mike Ellsworth‘s insight: The famous and talented Jill

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How BMW Would Have Benefited from Social Selling

See on – Social Selling for B2B At BMW, Social Selling would have helped retain a loyal customer base.  On April 18th 2011, BMW CEO Jim O’Donnell told a group of reporters: “Electric Vehicles won’t work for most people.  For

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Seth’s Blog: Your permanent record

See on – Enterprise Social Media “I’m going to record this conversation, okay?” How Nixonian! The idea of being on the record is a scary one. It’s the hot button of, “This is added to your school transcript.”  Mike

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The Ideal Twitter Feed Composition » Social ROI Insights

See on – Enterprise Social Media What’s the best Twitter feed composition? Turns out, it’s a melting pot of original content, retweets, conversations, and random, witty comments. Mike Ellsworth‘s insight: Hmmm. So in other words, Be a Person (

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Google’s Matt Cutts: Create, Curate, Don’t Aggregate

See on – Enterprise Social Media Mike Ellsworth‘s insight: I don’t exactly agree with the author’s interpretation of the Matt Cutts video. I think he perhaps misheard what Matt was saying, which was basically, don’t automate or aggregate content

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