Month: October 2014

Happy Customers Mean Loyal Customers – are you ready to deliver positive #CustExp?

In the best of all worlds, happy customers mean loyal customers. Loyal customers talk, create buzz and can be an advocate that leads to more customers. Customers want an exceptional experience and wi… Source: Well are ya?    Via @Eric_Determined 

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The Complete Social Media Clean-Up Checklist [infographic]

Throughout the year we focus mostly on just trying to keep up with a steady flow of posting, tweeting, pinning and commenting, which makes it easy to fall behind on the necessary routine maintenance.… Source: This is a really

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Here’s How To Opt Out Of Facebook’s New Plan To Sell Your Browser Data

Facebook will soon launch a new ad program that can read your browser history to deliver targeted ads specific to your interests, according to the company’s website. Luckily, there’s a way to opt out of this program to ensure Facebook

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