Month: November 2014

5 Rules for Using Social Selling to Crush Quotas and Build Your Social Funnel

OK, I’ll admit it. At first, I didn’t buy into the “social selling”craze. I’d see social media experts popping up everywhere, claiming that social selling was the wave of the future. But I… Source: Just as long as you

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Five B2B Marketing Trends for 2015 That You Should Get a Head Start on Now | Visually Blog

We may have barely crossed into the second half of 2014, but if you want to have a big year in 2015, you should jump on your game plan now. As you lay the foundation of your 2015 marketing strategy,

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The Hidden Power of Gratitude in Driving Sales

Did you know? Writing a gratitude journal at the end of each work day can help you increase sales. Source: Give gratitude and sell more.   Via @todd_martin See on – Social Selling for B2B

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3 Ways to Make the Love of Novelty Work for Your Firm

We humans are attracted to the novel. You can turn an understanding of this basic element of human nature to your benefit when designing your law firm’s website. Source: Three good ideas for your Website.   Via @FindLawLab See on

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The Neuroscience of Storytelling Will Make You Rethink the Way You Create Online Courses – SchoolKeep Blog

How can the neuroscience of storytelling help you create online courses? Source: A very interesting article on how your brain responds to stories.   Via @eLearngraphic See on – Enterprise Social Media

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