Month: January 2015

1,000 Salespeople Called This CEO a Jerk

I seem to have touched a nerve. When I wrote Why This CEO Will Never Hire Another Salesperson last week, I had no idea that it would create a firestorm. Source: No more sales people????? Why this guy won’t hire any

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Advertising on Social Media is Like Instant Messaging on a Billboard

It would be silly to try to do instant messaging on a billboard. Why? Because the medium doesn’t effectively support that activity. Instant messaging requires extreme interactivity. It’s also an extremely personal activity—generally, one-to-one—and the medium is one-to-many. Since there’s

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5 Tools B2B Marketers Should Be Using in 2015

Keeping up-to-date with the latest marketing tools and best practices can be exhausting. For some marketers this can feel like an almost impossible task! Choosing the right tools can take your b2b te… Source: A great short list of

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The Big List: 80 Of The Hottest SEO, Social Media & Digital Analytics Tools For Marketers

Looking for software to help you do your job better? Look no further! Contributor John Lincoln has compiled a giant list of tools of for digital marketers. Source: Another great roundup of tools you can use for your business.

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