Month: February 2015

Top 14 Utopian & Dystopian Shocking Sales Predictions

It’s the end of the sales world as we know it… and I feel fine? Gerhard, Huthwaite and many other sci-fi fans have prognosticated that sales itself may face an existential threat from artificial intelligence (AI) as we move further

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17 Quick Wins to Boost Your Social Media Marketing Right Away

A big list of small changes that may lead to huge results – quick wins for social media marketing that you can implement in minutes Source: Great list of quick things you can do to increase your social media

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B2B Lead Generation Starts with Mapping the Buyer’s Journey

If your leads are lacking, consider revamping your B2B lead generation strategy to focus on the many stages of the buyer’s journey Source: Social selling means figuring out how the buyer’s journey has changed, and how social media can

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