Month: March 2015

17 Productivity Hacks From Top Marketers

Like many of you, I tend to pile my plate high with to-do items, and am always keeping one eye open … Source: Some really good advice to keep you on task.   Via maureenhannan  See on – Enterprise

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6 Smart Ways to Convert Facebook Likes to Sales – Omaginarium

Facebook business likes page does not create value in and of itself. It’s what you do with those likes that count. Convert Facebook likes with engagement strategies Source: Good ideas for improving your effectiveness on Facebook. See on

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The truth about the impact of Social Media strategies

It is now common for companies to develop Social Media strategies and to hire Social Media Managers in order to boost their online presence. But what can you really expect from Social Media Marketing? Source: If you’re still on

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You are missing real opportunities – linking Social Media to the real world

Your marketing efforts are somehow wasted if you invest lots of time and money in Social Media strategies that aren’t linked to the real world. How to be successful with Social Media Strategies? Case study with a few brands. Source:

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3 Ways to Use Facebook Groups for Business |

Facebook groups can support your community-building and marketing efforts in a number of ways. Here are three ways to use Facebook groups for business. Source: With the organic reach on Facebook in the tank, using groups is a good

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