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Welcome to NextPhase Selling

The initial release of the app will be targeted at the conference market. It’s basically a way to easily add and manage contacts and meetings that works anywhere. We’ll add on premium features like looking contacts up on social media, integrating email marketing, integrating social media drip marketing automation, and a Super Lookup that will go out on the web or internal to your company (or subscribed services) and create a summary about a prospect. We’ll datamine 10Ks, analyst calls, info from a company’s website, and social media to provide a profile of a prospect and their company. Eventually, we’ll do Prospective ROI calculations and assign values to a prospects contacts. Also integrate with CRM and such. So not ambitious at all . . .



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This is the original 2012 version of The Infinite Pipeline: How to Master Social Media for Business-to-Business Sales Success – Sales Person Edition. It’s free to read online for a limited time, but it is copyrighted material and protected as such.

If you’re tired of reading this online, or if you’d like to get the freshest version, visit to get a paper copy of version 1.1, featuring special guest author Jill Rowley and lots of updated information. The Kindle version is at

If you’re a sales executive, you might want to pick up the Infinite Pipeline Sales Executive edition. It has tons of advice on leading the social selling change



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Over the last several years, new tools have made programming and data analysis accessible to users with far less training and technical expertise than ever before. This has had a democratizing effect on these fields, with technical and analytical functions no longer the exclusive domain of “experts” but rather undertaken within a range of business and marketing roles. A new class of hybrid jobs, which combine programming skills and “offline skills” such as analysis, design, or marketing, have emerged or assumed increasingly important functions in the digital economy.

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New technical roles are emerging for which there aren’t any formal educational programs. Many of these roles are high-salaried and in high demand. The future will favor those who can learn and relearn . . .

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