The SEO Puzzle: The Most Important Pieces [Infographic]

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I”t doesn’t really matter how much you study it, it’s almost impossible to get the perfect SEO (Search Engine Optimization) score for any long period of time.


Each search engine has their own algorithm to rank websites, and as if that wasn’t complicated enough, they change that algorithm frequently in order to perfect it and make sure that the same sites don’t hog up the top positions simply because they’ve figured out the x-factor in the algorithm to dodge other more popular sites that have the traffic, content mass, and extensive Internet presence enough to be ranked at the top.”


One thing I would add to this article is, if you think you can search engine optimize your site yourself, or with part-time staff. Think again. The landscape changes so often and so rapidly that you need an SEO pro (which I’m not) who can keep tabs and keep you current.

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