Today’s Customer: Choose Your Own Adventure

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The original “Choose Your Own Adventure” book was created by Edward Packard called the “Adventures of You.” Between 1978 and 1998, it was a phenomenon for kids (and adults), because it was the first time the reader was given control over the outcome.

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

I couldn’t agree more with this: "Lets be real here: People buy because of people. It’s our interactions and experiences with others – whether we know or even trust the source – that lead us to any purchase. This is what makes the buying cycle so sophisticatedly unique, every time, and out of our control as marketers. Combine this with varying levels of customer loyalty, and their overall satisfaction of every interaction with your brand, it’s clear that their journey is going to be different every time."


Here are the five ways to build a customer adventure:


1) Use Personagraphics.

2) Journey Mapping.

3) Test. Scale. Optimize.

4) Offline Interaction Still Lives.

5) Design the End Upfront. 

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