What makes content go viral: The anatomy of a post that got over 500,000 likes

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How can I make my content go viral? I sat down with the viral marketing geniuses Marc and Angel to discuss content marketing and other key tips:

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

Seeking the source of viralocity is like the historical search for the source of the Nile or the white whale. Here are some ideas to achieve it:


1.) The science of persuasion: Nailing the fear of “missing out”

2.) We only read 20% of web pages – make your content easy to skim read

3.) We all want to learn something and get smarter – it’s science!

4.) A greatly undervalued element: Sharing buttons make content 7 times more likely to spread

5.) Length of content and virality go hand in hand

6.) Consistency and Authority – Marc and Angel have been blogging since 2006


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