StratVantage Consulting, LLC — StratVantage News Summary 09/19/00

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StratVantage Consulting, LLC — StratVantage News Summary 09/19/00

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Will the last one onto the Web please turn on the light?

This reminds me of a hilarious Saturday Night Live mock commercial from last year. WARNING: the punchline is a bit rude, so scroll on if you’re sensitive. Anyway, it’s a few years in the future, and all, and I mean all, of the good domain names are taken. A backward bank finally decides to take the plunge, but has to use the only domain name left: www.clownpenis.fart .

This scenario is trying to come true: There are still a few Fortune 1000 companies who have yet to put up a corporate site. The race is on to see who will be last...


Disintermediate this!

Remove the middlemen and sell things better, faster, cheaper, right? Not necessarily so, as this article discusses.


Getting Your Marketing Program off the Ground

Where would the biggest brands in the world, the Cokes, the Fords, the Nikes, be without relentless marketing? But in the brave new world of clicks, it’s not all that apparent how to get started.


Here a click, there a click . . .

Incubators are on the skids, right? Then why are the likes of IBM, Microsoft and Andersen backing Enfrastructure?


Briefly Noted

  • Shameless Self-Promotion Dept.:StratVantage has launched a new service, CTOMentor™, designed to allow Chief Technology Officers and other technical leaders to get rid of the Guilt Stack, that pile of magazines you’ll get around to reading someday.CTOMentor is a subscription advisory service tailored to customers’ industry and personal information needs. Four times a year CTOMentor provides a four-hour briefing for subscribers and their staffs on the most important emerging technology trends that could affect their businesses. As part of the service, subscribers also get a weekly email newsletter, Just the Right Stuff™, containing links to the Top 10 Must Read articles needed to stay current. These and other CTOMentor services will let you Burn Your Inbox™.

    As part of its launch, CTOMentor is offering a two-part white paper on peer-to-peer technology: Peer-to-Peer Computing and Business Networks: More Than Meets the Ear. Part 1, What is P2P?, is available for free on the CTOMentor Web site . Part 2, How Are Businesses Using P2P?, is available for $50.

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