What is Digital Service Design?

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“A beginner’s guide to the concepts underlying the NEXT Service Design conference to be held in October.”


You perhaps have heard of a concept called Design Thinking. It has grown out of disciplines of user experience design and planning. Wikipedia has a nice definition: “the methods and processes for investigating ill-defined problems, acquiring information, analyzing knowledge, and positing solutions in the design and planning fields.”


I don’t know about you, but that sounds a lot like what I do every day.


Anyway, an offshoot of these ideas is service design thinking, whose five major elements are, according to this article:


1. It’s user-centered – decisions are made for the benefit of the customer, not the service provider
2. It’s co-creative – all the different departments or people in the service provider work together to create the perfect experience
3. It’s sequenced – the provider understands the sequence of customer contact points and the customer’s journey with the service, and understands how to provide a good experience at each step
4. It’s evidenced – it’s brought to tangible life at every point of contact
5. It’s holistic – it involves the whole of the service ecosystem


If that doesn’t sound like your customer service, you should read this article and attend the conference.


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