Why Ignoring Social Media Complaints Is a Huge Mistake – Forbes

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“It amazes me that even in today’s social media savvy business environment there are still big companies that fail to engage with their customers, particularly customers that are frustrated and unhappy.”


The lead example of terrible customer social media service is a charter member of our Social Media Hall of Shame, United (http://bit.ly/HallOfShame). 


How should you deal with social media complaints? A “RightNow study shows that answering complaints can change attitudes. 21% of the complaints DID get a response, and more than half the customers had positive reactions to the same company or brand they had been blasting not long before. When customers received a response to their complaint, 46% were pleased. And, even more surprising, 22% actually posted a positive comment about the company or brand.”


Nuff said. See our series of blog posts on this subject: http://bit.ly/ti8ERj


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