10 Things to Remember When Creating a Brand Ambassador Program

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Want to launch a brand ambassador program for your company? Click here to find out how. As the #DellCAP reunion wrapped up, Dell asked attendees what the ‘next steps’ should be….

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

Again, hate the term ambassador(bit.ly/18fzXtI), but love the concepts here; well, most of them. #6 is a bit controversial.


1 – Spread the word internally as well as externally.

2 – Research, research, research.

3 – Start small, grow big.

4 – Make membership exclusive.

5 – Connect with your advocates and create ways for them to connect with each other.

6 – Pay your ambassadors.

7 – Give your advocates direct access to the brand.

8 – Create a feedback loop between the brand ambassadors, and the brand.

9 – Give your ambassadors the tools to create something amazing.

10 – Transfer ownership of the program from the brand, to its ambassadors.

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