12-step guide on how to live-tweet an event

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“Whether you are hosting an event such as a fund-raiser or a conference, or you are signed up to attend one, Twitter can help you to expand the event’s reach, grow your organization’s audience and connect with potential collaborators or partners. One effective technique is to take advantage of Twitter’s viral power during an event or conference — your own or someone else’s. Here’s a 12-step guide on how to live-tweet an event.”


The first time I really used Twitter was to live tweet an event I attended. I didn’t have pen and paper, so I took notes via Twitter on my phone. To my surprise, I got hundreds of followers within the next few days.


This is a good guide to the process, but when reading it, think of how many of these 12 steps you could efficiently do on a small phone screen, especially while paying attention to the event.

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