SMPG Enterprise Social Operating Manual – Complete

In our previous post, Community Building What NOT to Do, we concluded our exclusive checklist, The Social Media Performance Group Community Building Checklist™. And this is the last post of the contents of our book, Be a Person – The Social Operating Manual for Enterprises – ( – 430 pages.)

We started posting the contents of the book almost two years ago, on August 8, 2011, with the post What is Social Media? We’ve now posted all 430 pages of the book on this blog!

But wait! There’s more!

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“It’s only when technology gets boring —
that’s to say, part of the routine for the majority,
not just the Geekosphere —
that it becomes interesting.”

Clay Shirky

Over the past two years, we’ve given you everything you need to build your social presence online — Fast! If you’ve enjoyed reading our book bit by bit on our blog, you may enjoy our lovely parting gifts:

  • A free PDF of the entire Be a Person – The Social Operating Manual for Enterprises book as published
  • A free PDF of our exclusive checklist,  The Social Media Performance Group Community Building Checklist™

When we are finished posting the resource lists and acknowledgements for the book, we’ll post these party favors on our community site (see URL below). Unfortunately, joining the community is not free – it costs a whole US dollar. This is because we had lots of spammers joining and having even a tiny fee keeps out the link harvesters.

So watch this blog for the announcement that the book and checklist are ready on our community. Of course, you may want to join right away anyway, just to be sure . . .

Keeping Pace

Because social media is so fast-moving, lots of the details in the book have become obsolete. We’ve updated the material over the last two years as we’ve posted it, and you can look for the second edition of The Social Operating Manual for Enterprises to be published in the next few months.

While the details may change, the overarching concepts, we feel, will survive. The sites may change; new capabilities may emerge; and certainly some new bright shiny thing (Pinterest, Instagram) will unseat the current 1 billion-pound social media gorillas (we’re looking at you, Facebook!)

But people don’t change — basically — over the eons. Aristotle’s two driving human attributes — pity and fear — remain alive in reality shows and gawker Websites, and the ways we relate to each other are as old as the hills.

We hope we’ve made some sense of this onrushing phenomenon, and we flatter ourselves to hope our advice will remain relevant no matter how social computing evolves.

We’d like to hear from you, not only about what you think of our advice, but what you learn as you create your own social media practice. You can contribute by commenting on the Social Media Performance Group’s Website at:

In the posts that follow, we collect lots of pointers to other thinkers and advisors whom we respect, whom we relied upon to create this book, and whom we recommend to you for guidance and inspiration. They are the giants upon whose shoulders we stand.[1]

Be careful out there and remember, Don’t Panic!

Up next: SMPG Enterprise Social Operating Manual – Acknowledgements

[1] No, this isn’t an Oasis reference, but rather Newton:

SMPG Enterprise Social Operating Manual – Complete is the 172nd in a series of excerpts from our book, Be a Person: the Social Operating Manual for Enterprises (itself part of a series for different audiences). We’ve been doing this since 2011 and we’re just about done. If you’d like to see our entire exclusive community building checklist, once we’re done, it will be available on our Website at Luckily, if you’re impatient, the book is available in paper form at and you can save $5 using Coupon Code 6WXG8ABP2Infinite Pipeline book cover

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