Power Tools: WeFollow and Other Twitter Directories

In our previous post, Shrinking Long URLs on Twitter, we took a quick look at how to make the URLs you share shorter and easier for your readers to use. By the way, we go into much more detail about our Infinite Pipeline Relationship Development process in our new book, The Infinite Pipeline: How to Master Social Media for B2B Sales Success – Sales Person Edition. See the bottom of this post for more info.

In this post, we continue the Twitter series with a look at a Twitter Power Tool, WeFollow, as well as other directories of Twitter users.

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Power Tool: WeFollow and Other Twitter Directories

On WeFollow,[1] you can register yourself and assign three keywords to your Twitter account. People who search on WeFollow can then see you in their search results based on the keywords. WeFollow also ranks registrants by influence. Here’s a recent example:

 WeFollow example

Figure 53 — Example from WeFollow

The top person in this list, aplusk, is celebrity Ashton Kutcher, famous for challenging CNN to a race to 1 million followers. If you go to his profile, you’ll see a new addition to Twitter’s features: the Verified Account.

Here’s what Twitter says about this new feature, which is very handy for celebrities, and others who might get impersonated on Twitter:

Any account with a Verified Badge is a Verified Account. Twitter uses this to establish authenticity of well known accounts so users can trust that a legitimate source is authoring their Tweets.

Twitter now only verifies accounts of celebrities, their advertisers, and other prominent people. At one time they did allow the rest of us to request verification but no longer.

The following table lists some of the more popular niche and general Twitter directories that you might want to consider adding your account to. These directories can be a powerful way to attract new followers.[2]

Table 7 — Twitter Directories

Directory Description URL
GovTwit Specialized government directory listing state and local, federal, contractors, media, academics, non-profits and government outside of the U.S. bit.ly/9CXJsJ
Lists “Experts” on Twitter. Also lets you search for Twitter Lists. bit.ly/9QLVoT
Twellow Categorized lists of Twitter users bit.ly/aC0Ca2
WeFollow A User Powered Twitter Directory of Twitter users organized by interests bit.ly/9Pj888

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[1] WeFollow: bit.ly/9Pj888

[2] Check out this great list of Twitter applications by Social Media Today: bit.ly/rbbi5G

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