Good Blog Topics

In our previous post, Creating a Great Lead for Your Blog Part 2, we continued our discussion about creating great leads for your blog.

In this post, we take an in depth look at some great topics to blog about and some rules for great posts.

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Good Blog Topics

Once you start blogging, one of your first concerns is going to be, “What do I blog about?”

Chances are you have plenty of possible topics. But what’s going to connect with your community? Once again, you’ll have to figure this out for yourself, but here’s a list of suggestions that may work.

  • Create Top N Lists — Creating blog posts that offer top 10 (or whatever number) lists is a proven winner. It promises a quick, easily-digestible take on a subject. Google the phrase “Top 10”[1] and see 450 million great examples.
  • Top People/Products — A variation of top n lists that adds the promise of celebrity
  • Be Contrarian — Disagreeing with established opinion can be a draw. People often seek this type of alternative to accepted wisdom
  • Be Controversial — But not too controversial. You’re looking to stir up debate, not trouble.
  • Answer FAQs — FAQs are Frequently Asked Questions. Every field has them. If you promise to answer them, people will be likely to read.
  • Ask Questions — One pastor we know uses this as an ice breaker: “What’s your favorite movie?”

If this short list doesn’t do it for you, there are lots of good blog posts that offer ideas for what to write about. Here’s a list of great recommendations:

  • Social Media Content Creation Process[2] by Geoff Livingston of Now Is Gone
  • Discover Hundreds of Post Ideas for Your Blog with Mind Mapping[3] by Darren Rowse of Problogger
  • 100 Blog Topics I Hope YOU Write[4] by Chris Brogan of
  • 8 Must-Dos For Aspiring Writers[5] by Amber Naslund of Brass Tack Thinking

In addition to these bloggers and their sites, check out Dosh Dosh, Buzz Bin, Ittybiz, Copyblogger, Remarkable Communication, Remarkablogger, and Problogger. [6]

Other ways to find blog topics:

  • Read something new every day
  • Dedicate 20 minutes each day
  • Follow Alltop[7] for ideas
  • Ask people for ideas, especially your community
  • Keep a log of potential ideas
  • Bookmark sites you visit
  • Use Delicious[8] or Digg[9]
  • Read other bloggers
  • Find interesting and relevant photos
  • Use Flickr[10] — be sure to look for the Creative Commons license so you can reuse them
  • Stuck? Try a “Best of” post
  • Remember: Fast is better than perfect, and perfect is the enemy of good

Next up: Getting Your Blog Found

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[1] Made you look! Here’s the Top 10 Google search for your convenience:

[2] Geoff Livingston’s Social Media Content Creation

[3] Darren Rowse’s Discover Hundreds of Post Ideas for Your Blog with Mind

[4] Chris Brogan’s 100 Blog Topics I Hope YOU Blog Topics To Get You, and 100 Personal Branding Tactics Using Social

[5] Amber Naslund’s 8 Must-Dos For Aspiring

[6] Dosh Dosh:, Buzz Bin:, IttyBiz:, Copyblogger:, Remarkable Communication:, Remarkablogger:, and ProBlogger:

[7] Alltop is a blog aggregator:

[8] Delicious is a social tagging site:

[9] Digg is a social tagging site:

[10] Flickr is a photo and social tagging site:

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